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Scouting Combine chat: QB Michael Bishop

From - February 19, 1999

(Feb. 19, 1999) Kansas State QB Michael Bishop dropped by the chat room after his workouts at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Check out the edited transcript:

Moderator: Kansas State QB Michael Bishop is with us right now. Have any opening remarks?

Bishop: Thanks for all the support.

Pats fan: Do you think NFL teams are looking for athletic QBs like yourself that can both run and pass?

Bishop: Yes. I definitely think that's what the NFL is turning to. The defenses have great speed now. You'll need a quarterback who can make plays and not get sacked all the time. I think Randall Cunningham started the trend and then Kordell Stewart came along.

ridgerunner: Would you be open to a position switch in order to play in the NFL, or would you prefer to play in the CFL to stay at quarterback?

Bishop: Right now I want to concentrate on playing quarterback in the NFL. I feel very confident I will get that opportunity. Every team has talked to me about playing quarterback.

Mark Johnson: Who's your most favorite sports star and why?

Bishop: I would say with Michael Jordan. Because he's accomplished every goal possible. I like the fact that he walked away from the game at the top of his game. Anybody who can do that can earn anyone's respect no matter what the situation is. Hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to him. I'm sure it'll be a good conversation. Personally, I give him a year before he comes back.

Mathis: Michael, I would love to see you in Eagle Green, but realistically what teams have contacted you and show a strong interest? I think you'd be a great asset anywhere.

Bishop: Every team has contacted me and shown great interest. But there's only one team that will bring you into their program. Right now I'm not looking at any particular team. I just want the opportunity.

Mike: Do you think Miami would pick you to groom you when Dan Marino leaves?

Bishop: That's a possibility. That's a situation I would love to go into. It'd be a great learning experience. I'm sure he'd have a lot to teach me. It'd be a nice way to introduce me to the NFL. I'd be glad if I got that opportunity.

Adam Tryon: Mike who do you look up to in the NFL today?

Bishop: I look up to all the great players and great quarterbacks. If you've been in the league for 12-13 years, I can learn from you. There's not one player I look up to, though.

Wade: How did the testing go are you happy with it?

Bishop: As for testing today, I just did X-rays and cybertests. I have a hard workout tomorrow. Hopefully things will go great. I'm confident I'll do a great job. We'll just wait to see how things go. From all the scouts I talked to, they want to see me throw the deep ball and the deep out. That'll be a big plus for me. I'm not going to get down on myself if I make a bad throw. I know I'm going to come out on top.

Viking: How much did your late season losses hurt you personally? In relationship to your draft ability?

Bishop: It hurts whenever you lose a game. It especially hurts when you're on your way to a perfect season. I don't think they hurt my draft situation. Scouts saw me play all season. They're not going to judge me by one game or two games.

TravB: How would you feel if the Bengals drafted you?

Bishop: I'd just be glad to have the opportunity to play. I'd try to do my best. I just want to be part of a great program.

Chad Davies: With what is happening to the Redskins right with the quarterback situation how would you feel about going with their No. 5 pick?

Bishop: I would love that. It'd be an opportunity for me to play on a great team. I'd just go in and do my best. My dad would be happy to see with the Redskins. He's a big Redskins fan.

Mike: Michael, What was your favorite memory at K-State.

Bishop: Probably being part of the team that finally beat Nebraska, that beat the 29-game losing streak. And the great fans, the great fan support.

Moderator: Thanks Michael for joining us today. Have any closing remarks?

Bishop: Keep supporting the Wildcats. I'm moving on to the next level. Continue to follow me and show your support. I know I'll always have K-State fans supporting me.


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