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Bishop answers fan questions

April 26, 2001


FRANKFURT Galaxy and New England Patriots quarterback Michael Bishop made a strong start to his NFL Europe League career last weekend, throwing 3 touchdowns against the Scottish Claymores.

Bishop clearly has the potential to be one of the stars of the 2001 season and judging by the response to's Ask the Pros feature, he is popular with football fans around the world.

Read the pick of the questions NFLEL fans put to Bishop this week.

How hard is it to live in another country and still focus on football? - Mark Lorusso, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

It can be hard at times because of the language barrier but it is a good experience for me and I'm having fun. As far as the football is concerned, it's not too difficult to keep your focus because we all realise how important this opportunity is for us and we want to bring the World Bowl back to Frankfurt. I'm having a good time.

Do you think NFL Europe will help you get to that next level? - Scott Jones, Lynn, Massachusetts, USA.

To tell you the truth, I feel I'm already at that next level. I just need an opportunity to play some more football and NFL Europe should help me get that chance. This is an opportunity for me to show what I can do.

My 13 and 5-year-old sons want to play football. What advice would you give young kids? - Julie Hendrix, E-mail address supplied.

I always tell young kids to set your goals high and to always believe in yourself and your abilities. That's what I was told at a young age and it worked for me. Another important thing I tell children is this: Don't ever let anyone tell you that you cannot make it. You have to believe in yourself.

What was it like to be in the Heisman Trophy race and were you disappointed not to win it? - Femi Richards, Washington D.C. USA.

It was fun to experience the hype and excitement of being in the Heisman Trophy race with such a good player like Ricky Williams. I wasn't disappointed when he won - it's no disgrace to finish second to a player like Ricky and I was happy with my performance that year.

When did you start playing football and were you always a quarterback? - Evan Strake (aged 6), O'Fallon, Illinois, USA.

I was always the quarterback - it has been the only position I have ever played. I started playing football at the age of seven and always wanted the ball in my hands to make plays. That made being the quarterback the obvious choice.

Are the fans in Europe as enthusiastic as we are here in the United States? - Patti Tee, Clarksville, Tennessee, USA.

The fans here in Europe are great and they really love the sport. They seem to be more into the pre-game and post-game than fans in America but they are pretty cool. The fans here in Germany are very enthusiastic and our players can't wait to play in front of them for the first time this weekend.

What part of your game do you feel you have improved the most since you left Kansas State? - Richard Blevins, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

I have improved my training style the most. I work out more in the off-season and work out harder during the season. That has really helped me become a better player. I feel I am a better overall quarterback now than I was when I was at Kansas State. NFL Europe is now helping me fine-tune my skills in game situations. I need that game experience and by playing a lot in NFL Europe I will become an even better player.

How does your NFL Europe League playbook compare to those in the NFL and are you facing different defenses in Europe? - Del Thielman, Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

Some things in our playbooks are the same as in the NFL. The main difference is the terminology we use to call our plays but once you get that down, you're okay. Every team uses different terms to call plays so it was nothing new to learn some new terminology. As far as defenses are concerned, the only real difference we have to be aware of is that they can only blitz three players from one side in this league.



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