The Bishop of Manhattan costume


The bishop of Manhattan costume

At homecoming (October 31, 1998) vs. Iowa State, I wore what I called "The Bishop of Manhattan costume," to the game.   The costume consisted of a replica jersey of the Great One, along with a Pope hat, big puffy hand, cross necklace (barely visable) and a Willie Wildcat staff (a golf club head cover over a golf ball retriever).  Oh yes, and a purple face.

I wore the same costume to this year's homecoming game (October 30, 1999 vs. Baylor) because I liked the costume so much, and they announced at the game that the Great One himself would be visiting town the next week (November 6, 1999: Colorado game) -- a good omen, no doubt.

Anyway, this picture is from the Manhattan Mercury and I'm working on getting a copy that isn't so scuffed up.

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