K-State's 11-win quarterbacks

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Michael Bishop

Jonathan Beasley


"Jonathan Beasley represents all that is right about college athletics" - Thom Brennaman, Fox announcer

"Mike's talents are obvious. The guy has a cannon arm - the strongest I've ever seen; he has a great ability to run around and make plays."  -- Drew Bledsoe on Michael Bishop

"[Jonathan Beasley] might be one of the best [quarterbacks] they've ever had...He can beat you in so many ways" -- Former K-State quarterback and current North Texas coach Darrell Dickey.

"Michael created some big plays because he was Michael. He makes a mistake doing this, a mistake doing that, then he runs it downfield 15 yards and gets you a first down when otherwise you're punting the ball."   -- Kansas State Football Coach Bill Snyder on Michael Bishop

"I'm always proud of Jon. Over the years here, he's obviously had good games and bad games, good plays and bad plays. But he's a quality, gracious, humble young man who's a team player all the way. That's why I'm proud of him. Not because of what might have happened on the field."-- Kansas State Football Coach Bill Snyder on Jonathan Beasley



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